BRADLEY SKAGGS is a New York based photographer specializing in beauty and skincare product photography for e-comm, retail and print.  He is also the co-founder and Creative Director of SKAGGS CREATIVE, a NYC branding and digital agency.
Bradley brings a unique perspective and passion to his photography, and to product photography in particular. With an eye for detail honed during his early work as an architect, he strives to capture the essence of a subject or object in its most raw state. Working with light and the way it naturally interacts with both surface and material, Bradley’s approach helps minimize reliance on Photoshop and post-production work. 
His agency, Skaggs Creative, has been defining and revitalizing brands for over 20 years. Insights into what a brand needs to succeed strategically, verbally, and visually greatly influence his creative work. Bradley believes that consistency is the visual key to branding as much as differentiation. That is where product photography, particularly for beauty brands, can have the greatest impact.
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